Mark their Stories of Hope

These are their stories, narrated the best way they perceived them. They fought for their lives, experienced pain and agony , sympathy and hardships and emerged with second lives. Sure they have some stitches and scars from their battles, but they are really worth it.

A Guide of Hope

A better preparation and care, before and after a surgery, can enhance the quality of a patient’s life, leading to a return to a normal life. We make this possible through Aster MIMS Surgery Guide mobile application and website, helping them recover faster through proper pre- and post-surgery preparations.

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In association with THE HINDU, Some Scars Are Worth It will publish a surgery guide including all elementary details of all major and minor surgeries.

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Organ Donation: What Stops You

Discussions are a quintessential part of social change. Some Scars Are Worth It is committed to keeping these discussions alive and in progress. The television discussion on ‘Organ Donation: What Stops You’ is a step towards creating a smooth and a comfortable platform to donate and receive organs.

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Winning Health through Knowledge

Fighting ignorance towards surgery, spreading fruitful experiences through real-life stories Ignorance often leads to fear and fear leads to hiding. Public health is no different from this universal fact. We are a part of healthcare system in which people show their ignorance towards surgery and would always lead to the myriad of complicated and unscientific curative methods, despite being proven that modern scientific medicine is more effective in terms of recovery and cost.

We aim at raising the level of awareness on surgical procedures through our “Some Scars are Worth It” campaign, offering them reliable medical information for laymen through patient stories and promotional videos that show the noble act of donating organs. Read Our Story
Malabar Institute of Medical Sciences Ltd (MIMS) is a pioneer institute in Kerala renowned for its excellent medical expertise, nursing care and quality of diagnostic services. 600-bedded multi specialty hospital, which is located in the heart of Calicut city, is at the forefront of medical technology and backed by internationally trained and highly qualified medical professionals, who administer the best available medical services across all major disciplines of medicine and surgery.

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Giving life at Aster MIMS
More than 2 lakhs Patients are saved through surgery in a decade
More than 20K Surgeries annually
Positive impact on more than 10 lakhs people
14 fully equipped operation theatres
Super specialty procedures such as Open Heart Surgeries for adults and children, and beating heart surgeries.
60-65 are brought back to life through surgery everyday
The only hospital in North Kerala with facilities for kidney, liver, bone marrow and heart transplantation .
Expertise in more than 100 surgical procedures
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